Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Malaysia Handmade Jewelry - Rose Studs Earrings, Wired Chinese Knot

Phew, finally done with this commissioned project! I was so afraid that I can't make it in time before the Chinese New Year break!

This is a variation of ROSE Pendant and this is not the first time I am reproducing ROSE Studs Earrings, but this time I replaced the cubic zirconia diamond cut beads with Swarovski Chaton Montees. Took awhile for these goodies to arrive, I am glad that now is all good. :)

ROSE Studs Earrings measurement:
Weight: 1.7gram each, total 3.4gram
Material: Swarovski Chaton Montees Crystals.
All metals are 92.5 sterling silver.

It will be off to it's new owner soon. :)

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

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Rachel Matteson said...

Wow! This is one of the most amazing designs I have seen so far. I am interested at how it is done. :)
- SWCreations.net