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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Foldio - Is it Perfect for Jewelry Photography?

Foldio - Dimension

I just went ahead to purchase this (please say I have made a right move?)

My dear friend, Brandon, sent me a link to purchase Foldio on 20th May 2014, but it was out of stock then, so I moved on my life without thinking much about it, until recently my dear brother bought a huge lightbox from Groupon and passed it to me... I think he didn't know that I actually have one (borrowed from my husband's ex colleague and never had the chance to return), which I hardly use because:

1) The lightbox is too big and it's taking up too much of space, space is my very precious asset.
2) I have bought 3 Tertial Working Lamps (with white day light bulbs of course) from Ikea and found them too difficult to mount and have them angled properly.
3) There's a toddler running around the house touching and dissembling absolutely everything.
4) My jewelry really don't need that big tent.
5) I really don't have time to set up the lightbox and lamps, and keep them back into places.

I can go on and on with the list to justify why do I need Foldio but now, it's all done, I've already bought it.

So what is Foldio?
I first saw it from Photojojo's website:
Foldio - How it works
Foldio is a foldable, super portable table top photo studio with built in lights and backdrops (I already love it when I read this, because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in life with a toddler). The package comes with three backdrops - Black, white and gray, and after viewing their clips I decided that it's not complicated to make my own backdrops from fabric, paper or anything flat if I need them to be in different colors. It makes a 10.2" cube, when opened, this is not big at all, I do wonder will this be perfect for my jewelry photography, you know, I make bracelets and necklaces too! And last but not least, it folds up and stores flat, you could bring it everywhere if you are keen. It is selling at USD$49 in, but they only carry the version with one just one LEDstrip,  shipping cost to Malaysia is $20.

So i went ahead to do some further research, and found it on Orangemonkie's site, and the shipping cost is USD$10 flat, doesn't matter how many units you are buying... So I sneaked out to retrieve my credit card after my precious daughter fell asleep (and she woke up crying for me when I was about to hit the Pay button *rolling my eyes*, though I did not rush to her immediately, I waited until the payment is through!)

Foldio - Pack List
Here is Foldio's setup guide, very short, straight forward video clip:

So now...
I really am looking forward to receiving my Foldio! Can't wait to test it out and post an unboxing update together with a genuine review so all my artist friends can decide if this is worthwhile to invest! Good photo is everything to people who sells online, and I do hope Foldio is the right tool for me (and you!), check back for review will ya? :)

Hope you have a fun week ahead!

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

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