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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Corra Liew on PIN Prestige Malaysia, September 2016 Issue

Honored to be featured in September issue of Malaysia 品 Pin Prestige magazine for being a Malaysian Handmade Jewelry artist. I've shared how I have came about making jewelry and what I have learned and earned from building this Handmade Jewelry Business.

I also looked pretty cute in this trailer clip with all other artists / business talents:

And a fun solo clip about the making of the glamorous looking's Corra Liew, haha:

Thanks for having me, PIN Prestige, and Happy 1st Anniversary! 

P/S: Do pay a visit to their website to read the cover story, featuring Zhou Xun, I'm feeling lucky to be in the same issue of the magazine that had Zhou Xun in it, enjoy reading! :)

九月號马来西亚版 @pinprestigemalaysia
除了 #周迅 还有我 💋

文 by @joshuaintown
型 by @weecheeism
髮 by @ckayliow
妝 by @tzemun_ & @artistsatwork_geraldineloy
圖 by awesome image
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Corra xx

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Malaysia Wire Jewelry Fan Shaped Earjacket Earrings - Ice Fantasy

Completed this 2 days ago. This is yet another earjacket earrings that you could wear it in several arrangements. I will demonstrate how it can be worn/arranged in this post! 💋

So you could attach the bottom part of the earjacket behind your earlobe,  the studs will appeared as though it was floating.

Or you could wear it the normal way, both studs and the earjacket at the front of earlobe. I call this dangling earrings arrangement.

Or you could wear both back to back to create the 3D effect, i.e. one at the front and one at the back of earlobe. Note that the studs earring I have used are just the normal standard stud-earrings, it isn't cut longer to accommodate this Fan Shapred Ice Fantasy Earjacket Earrings, i have specifically made sure this earjacket earrings won't need any special requirements so you could wear this with any studs earrings you already have, it'll fit. :)

Thanks for viewing and i hope you're inspired.

Corra xx

Monday, July 11, 2016

Video Tutorial for Handmade Ear Jacket Earrings, Wire Wrapped Jewelry Malaysia

Visit this website to download complete Handmade Ear Jacket Tutorial.

Testing the new workstation setup for filming the process of making.

I have many jewelry designs but this is one of the most loved design by my private friends network. (Many pairs still stuck not being posted yet, please bear with me!)

Unedited, as raw as it can gets: The making of ear jacket earrings, part one.

(Might not have subsequent parts, though, if this free video tutorial is not gaining enough Likes haha.)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Wire Crochet Conceptual Jewelry by Sowon Joo

It's been awhile since anything caught my eyes at all, so when I saw these, I can't wait to have it mentioned on my blog, people, meet Sowon Joo from Sowon Joo Studio!

In her artist statement 2016, excerpt:
"In particular, a lot of my work, especially after I became a mother, came from reflections on motherhood and contemplation on birth and growth. Such thoughts manifested themselves in the form of plants and their different stages, such as seeds, buds and fruits. They each reveal the miraculousness and wonder I experience when I observe their transformation and development. Such motives expressed through the shapes of various life symbols are woven with silver wire."

Her "Leaves" choker necklace:

Hop over to her website for her other masterpieces, and be sure to her bio, and find out how many awards she has won. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

PIPA Bangle Focal

Just completed last night. Focal for PIPA bangle. Thank you so much for your patience. 🙏

This design is a variation from PIPA Earrings:

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Corra xx