Sunday, November 15, 2015

Castle Quiet Book

Weekend project. It's going to take many many many many weekends.

DIY Quiet Book - Castle

Reversed engineering a #quietbook, with permission of course.


DIY Quiet Book - Castle

I couldn't understand the blog post at all, I followed links in the article to go to another's site where Jenya learnt to sew this from (Tanya's blog) and Tanya's turned out to be even more complicated ��

I bought a sewing machine when I was pregnant with Claire, but I still don't know how to sew after all these years.


I hand stitched those doors, and most likely I will have to hand stitch the whole castle.

Why nobody teach me how to sew with sewing machine why? It should be compulsory!

Anyway, will post update as progress.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

PIPA Bangles work in progress

I am processing orders from Octobers. Sorry if I have bored you by repeatedly reporting or posting about PIPA pieces but for now, I am just going to continue to refine Wired PIPA design and Earjacket Earrings design, until I am ready to create anything totally new and exciting. I hope you will continue to stick around to see me grow, there's always rooms for improvement, eventhough I have been making PIPA pieces for years. :)

PIPA Earrings tutorials: (case sensitive)


Friday, October 30, 2015

Gold versus Silver PIPA Bangles

Wired PIPA Knot, PIPA Bangles
Customers are facing serious struggle to choose which version to get - 14K gold filled or 92.5 Sterling Silver, but you know what? These are stackable bangles you know? *evil grin*
Wired PIPA Knot, PIPA Bangles

Just kidding. In case you are wondering, I made 14K gold filled PIPA Bangle because Gold are in trend at the moment, that said, 92.5 Sterling Silver might last in your jewelry box longer as silver pieces have always been... Well, timeless in that sense.
Wired PIPA Knot, PIPA Bangles

My job is to put them together so you could judge it for yourself. :)

Learn the fundamental of wired PIPA knot the right way:

P/S please don't learn from people that doesn't care about details eventhough it's offered "free", cause it's going to be really painful for you to unlearn a bad habit.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

14K Gold Filled PIPA Bangle

Just completed this last night. Pure wire wrapping project, no solder. All metal are 14K gold filled.

Would you prefer the adjustable silver version or non-adjustable 14K gold filled version?