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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flower Studs for Mother's Day, Wire Jewelry Malaysia

Greeting from Malaysia - Happy Mother's Day to you all, my dear blog followers!

This is the first design I've successfully came up with after officially being a mother. Design is for Mother's Day 2012, and the finished product belongs to my mother in law now (I am getting my own mother something else, heh!). Sigh being a mother is not easy, I had been warned and finally am understood how hard it is - it took me about 10 days to complete this pair of post earrings - why? Because I could barely complete constructing a petal a day, my little one is keeping me busy all the time and she's too cute for me to take my eyes off her!

So these are again, post earrings/ studs, a rather big post earrings/ studs, a good 3cm in diameter to be exact. I do realize how I had been making studs earrings designs, mommies didn't have many chance to wear pretty jewelry, I totally feel it now, and I hope this design can be accepted!

Design inspired by Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl, I thought I saw wearing something like this in one of the episode, or in one of the press event? :)

All petals are adjustable, you can make it more 3D if you would like. I adjusted it in a way that they could sit properly on the ear lobes and oh, the earrings' posts are positioned right at the design's center.

And this is how big they are on my palm.

I am going to make this to a jewelry headband soon, also, I will be writing a simple instruction for this design, though I do wonder how long will it take to materialized. Please anticipate nontheless? :)

Again wishing you all Happy Mothers' Day, hope you have a good one!!!

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Malaysia Wire Jewelry - Happy Mother's Day

Greeting from Malaysia, to Wire Jewelry Community, wish you a very happy Mother's Day.

This year's Mother's Day is especially special to me - because I am going to celebrate this special occasion as someone else's mother now.

As I've promised, I've put up something special for you - various artist friends are offering special promotion, ranges from 30% to 70% for this special season, and on top of whatever discount percentage we are offering, should you check out 3 or more of these jewelry patterns / tutorials,  you will receive another 20% further discount.

Grab the chance soon will ya? And Happy Mother's Day! :)

P/S: I welcome well wishes from you, leave me some! 

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades