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Monday, December 17, 2007

This is where it all begins...

I am always very into handmade stuff since I was a little: I paint, from as early as I could remember, and I remember how I've painted a girl's hair Pink for one of my painting assignment, that's before I entered the primary school... and for a little girl that have never seen someone that has pink hair, my (tuition) teacher thought I was "very creative". I stopped painting though after I go to the high school, simply because.. I have no time - the never ending homeworks... and exams. :)

I have some experience making Chinese-knots during my primary school time, by referring to the a book that I've accidentally found from my father's bookshelf - he has whole set of Encyclopedias, it's thick and it's heavy that I could never able to hold, I put them on my laps. It's the older generation of today's Wikipedia, you see how we human race changed the technologies (or the other way round)? :) My mother was the biggest support then, she sourced me with all materials... but the clock didn't stop to tick, exam time came close and I just had to stop. And I never go back again.

But I think I never really did stop to like hand-making things. I have been trying and, still making, such as cross-stitches, embroiders, and beadings... so now here I am... Loving to make Jewelry, hoping this hobby able to last - doing something that I like makes me like myself more, and appreciates the surrounding more, it's the greatest feelings I've ever have after returning back to Malaysia from Melbourne.

May you all well blessed, and hope you find what you love to do too, this is very important - in the end, you're the only person that has to be responsible for your own happiness. It's between you and yourself!


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