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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

C'est la Vie

Hey do you know when I started this blog I told myself there will not be any negative-minded articles in this blog, visitors may come by when they are dead bored or when they just want to see how was I doing, and then leave if they have better place to go or they are done visiting me. My dearest said I can't wait to please everyone, lol. It's quite true in a way.

But sometimes you know.. not everything worked out. :)

It was a long day to me today. Performance review at work today and, throughout the entire conversation I realized how much I wanted to groom a person to be better at what he/she was doing, I hope by furnishing what he/she need will speed up his/her learning curve, so that the person can enjoy it once he/she masters it, and then hopefully, start liking it. Knowledge transfer was the key, having a coach is luxurious. I can't recall when was the last time I had a mentor - be it at work or whatever things else. I am always on my own, and though sometimes I do feel a little bit too lonely, I think I am still quite OK with it.

And now, starting a new hobby is like spreading my soul into two - over here in Malaysia there's no one that does what I do, but I had fun. After all, all I wanted was just to have a happier soul. And I think I made it since I picked this up! It is just sometimes I do wonder how I could have disappointed someone, and how someone could have plant a great impact on me.

But that's OK, really. Because...

C'est la Vie.

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