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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tutorial: Step-by-step Registering PayPal

It's been a month now so I would like to make a short recap of the whole thing.

I paid my first visit to the beadshop in December 2007, and I start making jewelry since then. Wired jewelry is my favorite at the moment, and I would like to try some of the other techniques too.

Nonetheless, I am composing this Step-by-Step To Register PayPal Guide for those who would need it, though many of you might already have the experience. The information was meant to help the poor souls out there (like myself), I thought it would be very nice if had I this information then. :)

Step 1: Registering PayPal (Step-by-step)
It was a big struggle to me to register my credit card information with PayPal, it took me good 2 weeks just to finally click on the "Confirm" button, here is how it worked:

1) First, register an account at PayPal without providing credit card information if you're not ready, and by the way, in order to sell at Etsy you need a Business type account.

2) Bookmark, login and save your password so you don't need to supply your password again on your re-visit. (remember to clear this after this you verified your account with Credit Card)

3) Go sleep if you can't decide, remember to leave your computer on, and place your credit card right next to your computer. (I assume no one would steal your card in your own room)

4) Set your alarm clock to wake you up at very early in the morning, so you will be so blur and grouchy when you wake up. (I assume you are not sharing bed with somebody)

5) Go to your computer, and launch the PayPal website.

6) Tell yourself "Just do it, you have got nothing to lose anyway.",

Here's how you get your account verified:

a) Click on the "Profile" tab.
b) Click on the "Credit Cards" link in the "Financial Information" column.
c) Add a new credit card to your account and then click "Complete Expanded Use Enrollment."
d) You will receive the "Enroll in PayPal's Expanded Use Program" page: please read this page and click "Get Number."
e) On the "Expanded Use Number Sent" page, click Continue.

6) Now you can go back to sleep.

Your Expanded Use Number will be printed on your credit card statement in the transaction description field, next to the Expanded Use Fee. In the item description section of your credit card statement, your four-digit Expanded Use Number will be printed next to or near the PayPal Expanded Use Fee ($1.95 USD). The number will be posted in the following format: four-digit Expanded Use Number, the word "PAYPAL", (no space between the numbers and the word "PAYPAL") followed by two dashes (--), followed by *EXPUSE, (example, 1234PAYPAL--*EXPUSE).

Once you have received your 4-digit Expanded Use Number:
1) Log in to your account at
2) Click the "Profile" tab.
3) Click the "Credit Cards" link in the Financial Information column.
4) Click the "Complete Expanded Use Enrollment" button.
5) Enter the 4-digit Expanded Use Number in the box provided. If there is more than one credit card listed, you must choose the credit card by using the pull-down menu.
6) Click "Submit."

You're now done verifying your account at PayPal, have fun! :)

Additional Information:
For Malaysian, if you want to withdraw your fund from PayPal, PayPal will charge USD$5 for financial charges. And in order to withdraw your money from your credit card, you will need to negotiate with your Credit Card bank. To date, HSBC is the only bank that can do a FREE fund transfer from your credit card to your HSBC savings account, in short, you will have to have a savings account with them.

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