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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chinese Wire Knotted Jewelry by Beadinggem

I am being featured by Pearl @ The beading Gem's Journal.

This definitely is an hour to me, a recognition, an achievement. It almost felt the same when I public spoke for one of our largest work partner in my current profession, I felt the adrenaline rush at the moment.

Pearl came to me when I sold my PIPA with Pearl Pendant (I am glad the new owner loves it), she told me that she stumbled upon me on the jewelry forum and was much taken with my unusual approach to wire in Chinese Knots. She told me she would like to feature myself and Mei in her blog, and hope that both of us would say yes, of course we said Yes!

I would like to thank Pearls for reviewing my pieces, and I am grateful that being discovered by Diana Norman.

To find more infromation about my PIPA pieces, please click here. I hope you enjoy your stay here in my blog.


Shuku said...

Congratulations! You deserve every bit of this, you and Mei!


Corra said...

Thanks Shuku! :D

George said...

Many congrats! :)


Corra said...

Thanks Zoya. :)