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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ein's Ring

Ein is in the town, and I don't have anything for her! I haven't seen her for... 2 years? And we were supposed to meet up for breakfast at 0930.

So I woke up at 0700 and decided to make her a ring, by following Mei's Sparkly Crystal Ring Step by Step Pictorial Instructions. :) Ein's ring is my first attempt to make a ring ever - and I made it in just 10 minutes with help of Mei's tutorial! That's amazing isn't it? It's made of 24gauge wires (I only have 24gauge wires at the moment so I was lucky enough to catch Mei online and she told me using 24ga wires is completely fine - just remember to coil on the mandrel for a few more times, thanks for the instant tips Mei!), a 8mm dark green color's Swarovski Pearl (I called two common friends to find out what is Ein's favorite color, I am sorry that I didn't know Ein enough!), 4mm Garnet beads and 4mm Swarovski Crystals.

Here's some little extra tips if you would like to make this ring:
1) Coil on the mandrel for a few more times means coil on the mandrel BEFORE attaching Swarovski Crystal beads, and be flexible on positioning your wires!

2) If you creating size 10's ring, remember to position your wires 2-3 size bigger on the mandrel. Ein's ring turned out to be 3 size smaller than it was supposed to be, she can only wear it on her pinky finger now... owell, I've got the lesson learned, so you should not repeat the mistake I've made. :)

Check out Mei's Etsy store if you are interested in making your own ring, I had fun and pleased with the outcome. :)


Mei Tan said...

Corra, I am impressed. Very well done. Easy ya?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips!

Heri said...

Hi Corra, I'm interested to buy your tutorial, but the price is still too expensive for me.. I will buy it once there is a sale.. -:)

Corra said...

Heri, not a problem. You can get them anytime when you're ready. *Hugs*

Raka said...

Hey Corra,thanks for the tips! I've just bought Mei's tute, so I'll give it a go.

Corra said...

Hey Marika! Thanks for visiting! Happy trying, and remember my tips - also you must apply some strength to hold the wires to prevent it from slipping away! :)
*By the way may I please put a link to your blog? ^^ *

Mei Tan said...

Check our inbox(gmail). Ohhhh, I am so excited.
Thanks for the interest. thanks Corra.

Corra said...

Mei, you're welcome, your tute save me at last minute! :D

einein said...


I'm so lucky to have it! what else can i say :D haha.

I love it! thanks corra! muack :-*

Ein ^ ^