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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Internet Security

Christie shared her concerns about personal security in one of the forum. Thought I'd quickly do a recap for your reading pleasure.

Many of us have no idea what information we are exposing to the internet - pictures sharing, providing birthday when you register for a forum.... etc. etc., are the typical example of leaking your private information to an unknown. Well being in jewelry field I realize it is hard to keep our private data privately - when we purchase something or sell something, when we registered a PayPal account, we are putting ourselves at risk - this is why you have to be extra careful about from whom you are purchasing your goods from, and whom you are revealing your private data to, you make sure they don't sell your data. So monitor your mailbox. If you start receiving spams after making few transactions, you can pretty much guess who is selling your information to others.

Steve Riley is a very famous guy in the IT world, he is one of the top Microsoft speaker that will go around the world just to talk about security topics, I admire him a lot even though he shot basically everyone in one of the presentation for having a MySpace and Facebook profile.

"People now a day do not value their privacy." - He made this statement in one of the talk, and it burnt into my mind ever since. It's not that people don't value their privacy now a day - they didn't know they are not protecting their privacy that's all.

I strongly urge you to read Steve Riley On Security, and for those who would like to learn more on how to protect your computer from vulnerability attack, do this 4 steps to protect your computer.

"These aren’t optional; they aren’t open for debate. At the very minimum, all computers connected to the Internet should follow these steps.

1. Keep your firewall switched on.
2. Keep Windows up to date.
3. Use updated antivirus software.
4. Use updated antispyware software."

Please pass around this message to whom it may concern, I am glad that I caught a chance to have shared this with you.

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