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Sunday, March 9, 2008

The other side of the Bracelet

Some of you might already notice, I enjoyed photographing my pieces, just as much or perhaps, more than making the jewelry itself (!!!).

I can't help but keep wanting to post more pictures.. sigh.. when enough is enough? :)


Shuku said...

Corra, this is such a beautiful bracelet! I'll get the tutorial eventually - not having a credit card or a viable Paypal account has its problems sometimes...

I'm sorry to hear that people were being nasty to you about your work. That's definitely unfair and unprofessional, especially since so many techniques and so on are shared by so many people all over. You rock, and your work is beautiful - especially with the incorporation of your Chinese knotwork!

It's a struggle trying to be creative and come up with things - I am having a somewhat of a mental block at the moment, brain shuts down after looking at so many pretty things you've got here! And thank you for stopping by re: the wirework in my previous post - i haven't quite gotten to where I dream of wirework yet but it's getting there!

It's really, really addictive, yes...

Corra said...

Hey Shuku, welcome!

thanks for your support, if you're Malaysian I do accept bank transfer, I tried searching in your blog but I can't find you disclose where you're currently at. :P

I saw your new drawing, I used to draw too, perhaps one day I will pick up the pencil and start drawing again. ^^

Shuku said...

Corra, I'm in Kuala Lumpur actually *laughs* Very near you, as a matter of fact. My email is, drop me a line! Maybe we might be able to meet up some day and do a wirework session!

I'm trying to practice drawing - I've been so lazy lately, and so busy, it hasn't happened much. Yes, you should start drawing again, it's fun!


Corra said...

Shuku, wow! we are in the same city! we definitely should meet up if we are just nearby. :)

Btw just drop me a line in E-mail if you are keen to do bank transfer, Yati done that before! :)

See ya around Shuku, don't stop drawing!

Shuku said...

Corra, I couldn't seem to find your email on Etsy or on the site, but definitely I'd like to drop an email by even if it's just to see whether or not we're near enough to meet up for a wire jewellery marathon session one day! Actually that could be really fun, one whole afternoon of making Funky Things...

I'm at Drop me a line and I'll get right back to you!