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Monday, March 31, 2008

PIPA pieces by Cheryl

Cheryl's First attempt (Variation)
Hug PendantThis is a brand new approach of PIPA introduced by Cheryl. I have never had this design crossed my mind (thanks sweetie for inspiring me!), the first variation is a simplified version. Even it is a simplified version, it is enough to surprise me! Her improved version is Hug Pendant. Notice the perfect, neat knot's weave at the top of the PIPA... what impressed me the most is without any hesitation Cheryl shared her secret!

Quote from her:
"If anyone is wondering what the green tool is at the top of the second picture, it is a wire wrapping tool made by Fiskars which has all sizes and shapes on 1 tool to make circles, ovals, square, triangles shapes in many many size increments. Great for achieving uniform shapes."

Once again it proves to me that the amazing part about having a bunch of people talks about common interests is beneficial - you will never stop learning. Thanks Cheryl for bringing PIPA to a brand new approach, and thank you very much for introducing such great tool to everyone! :)


Cape Cod Art Jewelry by Cheryl Coccaro said...

You are very welcome. Isn't it amazing how the internet has taken away the distance between your country and mine.

We share a common bond, the love of creating and of sharing, for it is in the giving...that you receive.

I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Cheryl Coccaro

Corra said...

Cheryl! thanks for dropping by!!! Yes we just recently figured out I am exactly 12 hours ahead you! that's amazing how we even can "talk"!

and thanks so much for sharing out the information of the tool - i see a lot of people are going to get it in forum! :D