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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Amazonite pendant by Marika

Marika got so inspired by Cheryl's PIPA pieces, without holding on she went ahead and tried it out, here's the outcome! This is her first attempt - imagine that! And she actually integrated it with her previously learned technique! Which made this PIPA pendant so unique (another unique, yeah)!

Marika is a very hardworking jewelry artist that always keep practicing and trying to improve, I took notice about Marika when she bought my LayerCoiled Crystal Pearl Earrings Tutorial & PIPA Earrings Tutorial, then I saw Pearl had a very detailed write up about her - Making Jump rings by Hand or Why Artisan Jewelry Costs More, that's how I get to know her. We only started to talk when she bought Skylark Bracelet Tutorial, I thought I sent to a wrong person because her contact picture shown in GMail simply not the Marika I knew - I recognizes Marika's face by looking at the profile picture shown in her blog, but the contact pictures shown in GMail is the another familiar face I saw in! After some verification then we now know they are the same Marika! LOL!

OT: Marika is very hardworking on creating (so far, averagely she create at least one piece of jewelry a day!) and keen to find ways to improve, I admire her spirit and her passion, so please don't stop! :)

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Raka said...

Thanks Corra for the encouraging words about me :)