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Monday, April 21, 2008

Something that warms my heart

Today's thought: A perfect stranger could let you down if you let them to; a perfect stranger can make you a better person, should you let them to, too.

I have never hide that my PIPA Earrings is a transformed version of Chinese Knot - a knot that's named after it's shape, the PIPA Knotting. There are more than 500 Chinese Knots out there and I should know it if not earlier, now, that of me incorporated PIPA knot into wired form meant something in wired jewelry world.

Bear in mind that not every Chinese Knot can be incorporated with wires - actually, most of them can't, so researching on this is not as easy as I would like it to - you won't want to know how many Chinese Knots I've tried and I have failed - my fingers never gets the chance to heal, though I would like them to, I am just too stubborn to discover more possible knots.

So, what's the matter now?

Well, there are few people I will look for when something not-so-nice happened to me, and often these people's reaction will be "what, again?", "Yes, again.". "Well I see troubles always follows you", [J] said. Hmm. I supposed so - but what have I done wrong to deserves all these? I shouldn't be discovering new techniques? :) Guess not.

Despite the minor few that have hurt me, intensional or without, I decided to let it go - i just don't like the idea of complaining and blaming others or myself for bad things that have already happened - shits happens every now and then, that's life.

So here's something restored my strength today - Look how concentrated Candice is when she was making her PIPA pendant. I was emotional when I see her pictures - looking at someone taking my tutorial so seriously touches me BIG TIME - I never seen someone making PIPA pieces before, only my husband had - he see me making PIPA all the time. Whereas me - I only get to see other people's finished pieces..

I know making PIPA pieces requires full concentration, but seeing someone concentrating in action just make me emotional. Candice, though I know how to make a PIPA piece inside-out, I still spend at least 3 hours to make a piece, so you are not alone. And, I seldom make PIPA earrings too, simply because I cannot replicate an identical PIPA, I thought it's just me. :)

So dear readers, if you are reading this, and if you are one of those that have purchased my tutorials - I hope you are not regretting it and never will be. And just a little note to you, if you are here for tips: I can guide you through the process of making your own PIPA pieces, even my tutorial can do that part for you. And if you are interested in any of my PIPA pieces and would like to know how to make them, I am more than happy to share it with you - only if you are ready for it and already have the basic knowledge of how wired PIPA is made. Myself and my tutorial can help you success into making your own PIPA pieces, but working out on it's details to ensure your PIPA is perfect - is totally on your own.


Candice said...

I must admit that I was hesitant to post those pictures of me but for the fact that my husband, who rarely ever picks up a camera, thought that taking the time to photograph me at that very moment was worth it. People should know that I am not advanced by any means in wire wrapping and yet I was still able to do the PIPA knot. Posting the pictures is a way of showing that if a novice can do it anyone can. May be seeing someone in the process will inspire others to try. As for those who try bringing others down they can piss off!!

Best wishes to you and your PIPA design.


Gaby said...

hi Corra,
I have noticed that you don't post on the art jewelry community anymore. I understand why and I personally would do the same if envious people would try to undermine my work.
I noticed how those 2 ladies were getting free links to Pipa technique just to distract people to buy or check your tutorials. That was one of the most stupid things I've seen in that forum.Nobody said anything but the moderator, but still they did their way. I don't post there either because I've seen some of the older members are too envious of new artists like you who bring new ideas to jewelry.
I bought your tutorial following a link in ETSY and even Iza bought your tut!

It's good you let that go, you are a wonderful young and talented artist who doesn't need the selfishness those forums tend to bring with.

I hope one day i can be able to create and post my tutorials! Meanwhile I wil try yours, hehehe
Take care and have a wonderful day!