Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A, Alphabet, Pendant, Sterling Silver, Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Made to order piece.

I made an 'A' in copper wires before the 'W', just that the silver version of 'A' came into the picture later. :) Hope you like it.


Yati Salem said...

hi corra! this one is so sweet! good job..i had try did wire name a long time ago..but the way i wrap the wire much more difficult..this one i think
is much more simple and really nice..
i like A coz my name start with A..he

de Cor's said...

hehe I understand where you coming from - it is always complicated to come up with a simple idea. :)

ST said...

i love this piece. reminds me of Eiffel tower and "Paris, je t'aime"