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Monday, June 23, 2008

Thank You, that's you

If I have not already told you, I have friends that are in musical field. Here's something really special from them, and I am sure you will want to see them sing too. :)

Here's the message from Milky.
Please just take 10 minutes of your time to view this video and spread the love by sending the link or even having the video in your personal blog, your friendster account or even through facebook. In any ways that you can.. please spread the love...

ZPGYs have sacrificed hours and hours of their time to make this song possible and even recording the song and doing the video to this extent. Especially the key persons whom have sacrificed more of their time. ZPGYs salutes!

it's time to really spread the song and to let as many people view this video as possible and if everyone spreads the song..

*our dream is to let the heroes in SiChuan see this song which is specially written for them.. to thank them..

this song is totally new.. written by chanel..

it's really difficult to make all this possible..

please help..
by spreading the song.. so that the HEROES can see this..

our appreciation to them for their sacrifices and all their love displayed as they tried their very best in their salvage works after the Sichuan earthquake..

For their heroic acts in time of difficulties.


Dear all, I am touched with their effort, please leave me a comment so that they will know that you have watched it, to show support. Thanks very much!

-world peace.

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Mei Tan said...

WOW! Cool. Congratulations! to all of them for the hard work and charity.