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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

W, Wire Wrap Jewelry

The first attempt. It looks rounder, and unsymmetrical. It is not "asymmetrical", it is "unsymmetrical", that means it is lack of symmetry, i.e. not perfect, and it also meant - there are rooms to grow, and it can be improved.

Second attempt. Dropped the idea of wanting it to be asymmetrical, worked out the solely symmetrical version of a "W". I personally like this better. :) Putting the both together. You may drop me a line to tell me which one would you prefer. :)


GrandmaMarilyn said...

Corra, I prefer the top one. It is more compacted and not so spread out.

Corra said...

Yes dear, the furthest out layer was formed by pressing it against the second layer, hence there's no gap between them, it turned out rounder. :D

Thanks so much for dropping me a line!

Unknown said...

I like your second attempt better. But they're both great. Nice job.