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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Funny project

This pendant is greatly influenced by Ewa a.k.a. Lilithu, thanks sweetie for inspiration! :D

This is a gift, receiver's first name starts with an "S", I made this, took pictures, sent pictures over to her friend for opinion.
His respond was classic.
His text has nothing else but: "Superman?"

Great. I had a good laugh at it cause I had the same thought too when I look at the finished pendant for the first time! So no, I wasn't offended, instead, I thought I could modify it and make it better!

So here it is:
The Superman is gone! I set the S's sterling silver aside, am sure I can reuse them somewhere sometime! :)

P/S Erin darl', you recognize the pearl bead? I have so limited material and your gift saved me big time! Thanks so much!!


Jonara Blu Maui said...

I love them both! but then I'm a superman finatic! I've cleaned up my memorabilia..but still have a couple supermans looking at me from my shelf above my desk ;-)

sharecropper said...

I like the S, too. But the blue pearl is beautiful.

Charlene "Cat" Therien said...

Oh, I love both of those. I think the S is a great piece, I could see initials like that, or small words... lovely.


ChezChani said...

Both lovely but I like the 'S' . Great conversation starter and if you were selling it at a booth, it would probably draw alot of attention. I would not have thought of Superman specifically.