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Thursday, December 4, 2008

de Cor's Handmades Gift Certificate

de Cor’s Handmades Gift Certificate provide the perfect Christmas Present for those that you have no idea what to get for this Christmas. Not only do they get to select a present from de Cor’s Handmades, you can get them delivered for FREE and they come in multiples from $10 up to $50.

de Cor’s Handmades Gift Certificate will be delivered by E-mail to the recipient, as well as a carbon copy to the sender.

Most people tend to always forget someone at Christmas, but with the ‘by email’ option on these gift certificates from de Cor’s Handmades, it doesn’t even matter if it is Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

de Cor’s Handmades Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions

  1. Gift certificates must be redeemed at the de Cor’s Handmades website, towards the purchase of products listed in de Cor’s Handmades online catalogue sold by de Cor’s Handmades. They cannot be redeemed at,,, or any of authorized dealer sites.

  2. The Gift Certificate cannot be used to pay for de Cor’s Handmades Gift Certificates.

  3. The Gift Certificate has no cash redemption value and is not transferable or assignable.

  4. Any unused balance will be placed in the recipient’s gift certificate account.

  5. If the order exceeds the amount of the gift certificate, the balance must be paid by credit or debit card.

  6. Gift certificates and unused portions of gift certificates expire one year from the date of issue, where permissible under applicable law.

  7. Normal de Cor’s Handmades terms and conditions of purchase and for using the de Cor’s Handmades website apply.

  8. One or more gift certificates can be redeemed against an order.

How to purchase de Cor’s Handmades Gift Certificate:

  1. Log on to

  2. Click on “Send Money” tab.

  3. In the “To (Email)” field, type

  4. Type in the desired amount and select “USD – U.S Dollars”.

  5. Under “Send Money for” section, select “Goods”.

  6. Click on “Continue” button.

  7. In the “Email to recipient (optional)” section, type “Gift Certificate” for “Subject” field.

  8. In the “Message:” text box, type in following information:

    • Gift Certificate recipient’s Name

    • Gift Certificate recipient’s E-mail address

    • Message you would like to include in the E-mail notification to the recipient.

  9. Click on “Send Money” button.

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