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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rosabella Ring, Wired Chinese Knot

After trying tying this knot to make Rosabella Pendant, I see there's some room for improvement. Now you will have to leave a message and tell me which design do you favor, and I will write them into tutorials.

Rosabella Ring is more complicated to compose as compared to Rosabella Pendant, FYI.

Let me know what you think, you could E-mail me if you like. :)

Now I would like to wish you have a Happy New Year! (Bye bye year 2008!!!)


Gaby said...

it's amazing the way you create things! One day you just come up with rosabella pendant, the next day snowflake earrings and the next day this beautiful ring!

of course, everything is beautiful but I like the ring because it looks organic.



Mei Tan said...

Pretty and very well done Corra.
Happy new year! :)