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Sunday, December 7, 2008

You are always one step behind if you decided to do that

Just had to let these out.

How painful it is to find that it was another Malaysian that would turn around and let me down. I have gained all supports and love I needed from people around the world to keep me moving - from U.S., Europe, even Singapore (thank you), except for my very own fellowship Malaysian.

I know this thing is going to happened, I just didn't expect it to be a Malaysian. After all not many people will do what I am doing. (Dear M, I knew how lonely you were before we've met). Seriously, it wasn't easy, else I wouldn't need to go through so many things by myself just because it was impossible to obtain any help just a year ago (Yes, it's almost one year now since de Cor's Handmades been established, yay!). That's why I always try to help - answering the same question again and again, and not expecting anything in return.

Owell. Shits happen, I supposed. I shall move on.

Like what I always tell those who'd write to me to share their thoughts: words can't bring me down, and I will be always a step ahead - if you decided to copy what I've done.

P/S: Thank you so much (you know who you are) for watching out for me, and notified me.

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Jenny Pong said...

Hey Corra,

Don't let one rotten apple spoil it all! I must say that I was let down by a fellow Malaysian too... My pictures and descriptions were used without my approval and I sorted that just recently. I must learn to use watermark like yours to protect my pictures and copyrights. Thanks for sharing and encouraging other newbies!