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Friday, January 9, 2009

How this is done?


It is always good to know that my work reminds some of you of your passed experiences, that which we’ve learned/seen/had fun with. I have never hide the truth that I have been playing around with Chinese Knotting, and these knotting had existed way before our grandparents were born. I remember long ago someone posted an instruction on how PIPA knotting is done, in chord version - in forum and in Yahoo Groups which everyone would get a copy of it, their intention was clear, it does indeed generates some impacts, but life goes on. I was fortunate enough to have had a peaceful conversation with one of the person who’d done that, and she was being fair and admits that it wasn’t the right thing to do, then she left me complete space since, for that, she’d gained my respect.


Now question is: How “low” one could go? I don’t have the answer really. What I can say now is, this is not the first time when I interpreted a Chinese Knotting with wires and then the next thing you know is someone posted an instruction page of chord version, or pictures illustration on how those knots can be done. So now that I have announced - I have something new to introduce, and so quickly, I’ve just (or rather, already.) got a message telling me that she is going to post a link “here and there” on how my new weave could be done. So… watch out, people, you might be able to see someone is posting something about my new weave soon, just be prepared to see who will be that person that would do such thing for discouragement sake.


Oh by the way, I’ve just got an offer from Y – she would like to send me her very famous Ring tutorial for FREE. According to her, she is doing that with pleasure since she owes me a compensation for the losses I have had for her getting my tutorial on Z’s behalf. Hehehe… how lucky I am, right? I’ve once told Y that that is the tutorial I’ve LONGED to have!! But Y, if you were to give me your Ring Tutorial for free – please do it publicly, and state it clearly the reason for you to do so, It’s not my birthday yet, and it is not yet Valentine’s Day, so it has to be exactly what you have stated in your message to me, then only would I dare to accept. :)



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