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Friday, January 2, 2009

Made my day

Often I'd not login to any forum unless there's a notification telling me someone had left me a message or replied to my post... so if there are some people discussing amongst themselves about my stuff, very rarely I will find out and...

This is what I've got today, sent by a dear friend, and I think it totally made my day. :D
Quote from dear Gaby:
"I can predict something for 2009: Corra will make this new weaving technique into a terrific tutorial, then many of us will buy it and make so many goodies to sell and give away! What do you guys think about the prediction? LOL Peace and love for everybody and for Corra, the best for 2009!!!!! gaby"

Quote from dear Nancy:

"Works for me. I love Corra's tutorials. I think I have most if not all of them. There are a lot of pieces I can look at and figure out, but not Corra's stuff. Her left brain and right brain are both strong. :D


They were talking about the preview of my newly discovered weaving technique.
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1 comment :

Gaby said...

Hey, that's my message!
I started 2009 with good positive vibe!!!
I wish you the very best, my dear Corra!
Hi to your family and husband and dog!