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Monday, March 16, 2009

First attempt for a handbound journal

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I’ve bought some Washi papers in my recent trip to Singapore, and been wanting to make them into journals – I have friends that writes just as much as I types – for book and lyrics, I know they will like this.


It’s a real struggle to have collect all materials needed to make a handbound journal in Malaysia (and I didn’t get them all from Malaysia, I sourced most of them from Singapore and some, from the States directly…), and I didn’t know what papers to buy, i didn’t know what thread to get, and chipboards are freaking expensive over here can you believe it??? And tools… I’ve got the Toolkit Version 2 from Making Memories, paid 4 times higher than the price in States - the very same day a friend in U.S. bought the exact toolkit set, when she told me the price I almost fainted, so yes, handmades are luxurious in Malaysia, don’t you think the standard of living here is low, it is NOT! A cup of latte could cost you RM12, and considering you and Malaysians are earning at dollar-to-dollar context, would you pay USD12 for a cup of latte? Of course not! You would have bought some silver with that money already wouldn’t you?


And lastly!!! I-do-not-have-a-paper-trimmer! So I end up cutting each and every single sheet of paper one-by-one. T_T

What a grief!!!! And then after all the challenges… here I am ranting… cause…


I didn’t make it in the end.


Orz… sad, sad, sad!


Thread was short of 2cm or may be lesser(!!!), measurement of the holes distance weren’t right… but still… this is a damn good learning experience. I should know it better now on how to make a handbound journal. I feel sorry for the pretty Washi papers that have gone wasted in this first attempt… they are pretty, and I only have one set of those. :(


Hopefully in the next attempt I would make it to a success. (I am determined, though! I will make it to the success I am sure!)


Last but not least, a HUGE THANK YOU to Ryan-the-girl for her beautiful handbound journals and inspirations/motivations. To buy her beautiful handbound journal, please visit her Etsy store.


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Jenny Pong said...

Your handmade journal is very nice.

Anonymous said...

This is very beautiful!
Fantastic job on this and what a lovely selection of paper!