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Saturday, October 17, 2009

de Cor’s - Grand Opening


If you follow my blog frequent enough, you will realized I’ve slowed down a lot creating new pieces in the passed few months – sorry, that’s because I was busy bring up my new official e-commerce site – de Cor’s Handmades by Corra Liew. The opening date will be on this coming Wednesday, check your local time when de Cor’s will become available by clicking HERE.


How this site came along:

Given the fact that the majority of you lives in another side of the world, I decided that it is absolutely make sense if I would invest a site to serve you on 24/7 basis.

Bear in mind that living in another side of the world means, I have a different set of Public Holidays as compared to you, I live in a different time-zone as compared to you, I’d most probably sleeping when you checked out item(s) from my blog/Etsy/Artfire, I thank you for your patience all these while – now it’s time for me to do something to make you happy! So instead of waiting for me to deliver your order(s) to you, I let the system handle the delivery, you no longer have to wait, the download link will be activated right after PayPal processed your payment. Please bear in mind that your download link(s) is not permanent for security reasons, instead, it will be valid for 3 days or maximum 3 downloads after the payment, that said, the link will expire after you clicked on it for 3 times, or if you would like download it later, do it in 3 days.


A sneak-peak of the site and the new tutorial – with discounted price! :)


I hope you like the offer – to encourage use of the new site, I’ve marked down the price of the new tutorial for limited time only, price will be reset back to $9.95USD as and when it happen, de Cor’s reserves the right to revise the price without prior notification. Oh, I forgot to mention, there’s another FOC tutorial posted in the new site too – so do register to download it for FREE!

Another sneak-peak of how the download link look like:


I have hands full of future plan for the site, and I knew you gonna like it.

See you there soon!!! :)



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Unknown said...

it looks awesome! Great job!