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Sunday, November 8, 2009

JiaSha Bracelet, made with continuous JiaSha knots.

IMG_7397IMG_7360 IMG_7361 IMG_7370 IMG_7373 IMG_7381 IMG_7391  IMG_7398 IMG_7400
JiaSha Bracelet adorned with 3mm and 4mm garnet beads, and I made the same toggle clasps I’ve made before for the Story of “O” bracelet.
Download and learn how to construct this NOW: DHC012 Jia-Sha Pendant Tutorial.
So here it is, a JiaSha bracelet made with continuous JiaSha knots, and I almost see a matching JiaSha choker already. Time it’s always time, I need more time.

And by the way, have a happy Sunday.


SueS said...

Corra -
Each time you create something it out shines the last. This bracelet is awesome. Do I see an expanded tutorial on how to link these JiaSha knots on the horizon?
Just lovely. Keep up the beautiful designs.

BetteG said...

Another beautiful design as usual where you're concerned.
You are a true credit to the one-of-a -kind unique wire jeweler