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Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas @ Sing-a-pore!

So i went down to Singapore for Christmas - stay calm, Singaporeans, I didn’t join the crowd in O.Road, I wasn’t one of those 60 000 folks on the street that night.

It’s an escape for myself and hubby from the hectic KL life, and the itinerary says it’s a “Eat and Get Fat Trip”. We left KL at 8pm last Wednesday and arrived SG at 12-ish in a.m. Then stayed there til 28th Dec 2009.

Here’s some thing to share:

Christmas Eve – instead of count down with the anonymous, we stayed home and had home cook. Yum!

IMG_8709 IMG_8715 IMG_8717 IMG_8719 IMG_8724 IMG_8747 IMG_8750 IMG_8752 IMG_8767

P.S. Cafe – don’t go, too expensive, and they will give you mosquito repellant if you complain there’s mosquito, and it cost us SGD$165 for 5 person for those bacon-sausage-pancake breakfast, and did not taste extraordinarily nice.

IMG_8770IMG_8775 IMG_8808 IMG_8809 IMG_8810 IMG_8812 IMG_8773 IMG_8774 

 IMG_8792 IMG_8799

And something cool I think you might love to know:

Durian puff - SGD$32 for 20 pieces, eat this when it’s not stone cold, it’s de-li-cious!


And this – The most expensive truffles I’ve tasted ever, SIL bought it unintentionally, and hence we get to eat them. You don’t want to know it’s price. :P


So now we are back to where we were, feeling totally recharged, I think everyone should go on a holiday, be free from internet and the city, be absolutely free from people except for family as well. :)



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Wendy Sue said...

My bro n sis in law were also in S'pore for Christmas and they were staying in Orchard. They regretted it big time! They say felt like they got ripped off...haha! that the durian puff fr Kadahar St? OMG!! That durian puff is mad delish, can! Had it on my last trip there 2 mths ago n I still think about it! Hahah! XD