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Sunday, June 6, 2010

KnowHow: Make Your Product Picture presentable in 3 seconds


A dear friend was planning to start a business in Etsy but have no idea how she should start. I gave her some guidance and told her one of the most important key to success. Few days later she then sent me the above picture, saying:
“I don’t know why it turned out so… blue. I have already took your advice – morning light and clear background, camera settings etc, what did I do wrong?”

I took her picture, and fired up my Photoshop CS4. Believe it or not, in less than 3 seconds, I’ve turned the picture to become like this:
Amazing! Yes or yes?! SAY YES of course! Hehe.
I sent a copy of this above picture, and told her that now she can use this picture for her product listing. By the way, she is in the midst of taking inventory and deciding what to sell and what to ditch, I will announce her store here in my blog when her store launched! :)

So now!

Anyone interested to know how to do this? We all know it is extremely important to take a good picture so that our product can SELL! You may have the greatest product but yet got stuck because you’ve presented an UGLY photo of your product!!!

Now – I have created a vote and poll, to know what you think. Leave me a message and If I have enough readers want to know how to do this in 3 seconds, I will write a simple instruction for FREE. Why do I do this? Cause I want to help, and am in no interest to give you something you don’t need, simple as that.

P/S The watermark is to protect the photo whilst it’s displayed in my site.
Smile!!! It’s Sunday!!

Corra @ Malaysia

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Cristina said...

I think my pictures are not really bad, but I'm always eager to learn some more!
Thank you!