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Sunday, April 17, 2011

YooLaPixieBeads, Crocheted Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Category: Crocheted Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Title: YooLaPixie Beads, Crocheted Wire Jewelry Series
Artist: Yale Falk from YoolaDesign

YooLaPixie Beads, presented by Yale Falk from YooLaDesign.
Yael came up with something really smart - instead of making her design available for people to learn, she also show ideas how these beads could be use as part of jewelry design. YooLaPixie Beads, often used for her Bridal and Wedding series, presented as earrings design's or as pendant's component, or even a connected beads and then presented as bracelet or necklace, 100% versatile!!!

The instruction to create YooLaPixe Beads is now available for download in the above links, if you want to have a piece of this from Yael, it's ready for check out at Yael's Etsy store, Bridal and Weding section.

Here's some YooLaPixie Beads collection:

Product Name: Blue Large Chic Earrings - Pod on a hoop
Price: USD$29

Product Name: Mini pod hoop earrings in silver and gold
Price: USD$29

Product Name: Peacock pod hoop earrings - green blue and purple 
Price: USD$32

Product Name: Contemporary urban crocheted wire earrings
Price: USD$33

If you are curious how will it look like when worn:

P/S: Yael joined us as Guest Artist and her beautifully written Crocheted Wire Jewelry Tutorials are available for download from our jewelry tutorial instant download site with 20% discount (T&C applied), we do hope you grab the chance soon.

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