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Thursday, October 30, 2014

How To Make a DIY Santa Belt Buckle Ornament

How to make a DIY Santa Belt Buckle Ornament
Christmas is around the corner and I made a Santa's little helper's tutu for my almost 3 years-old daughter, the only thing left was the Santa Belt Buckle Ornament - I am at my full term pregnancy and I am not as mobile as I would like myself to be, so instead of going around to shop for buckle, I've decided to DIY one.

Here's the Step By Step on How to Make a DIY Santa Belt Buckle Ornament.
Tools and Materials:
- Marker pen
- Ruler
- A magnetic stripe / credit card (you will only need a half of it)
- E6000 Glue
- Craft knife
- 2" width Black Satin Ribbon
- 75mm width white Satin Ribbon
- Rhinestone Adhesive Sheet

Get ready of your magnetic stripe card.
Magnetic Stripe Card
 A standard Magnetic Stripe Card should measure around 8.5cm wide.

 Measure 4.25cm and draw a line at the center.

 Cut repeatedly on the drawn line.

Fold back and forth so that the magnetic stripe card would break off naturally.

Orient half of the magnetic stripe card as shown in the picture.

Measure 5mm inwards from all borders. Draw lines with your permanent ink pen.

Then, measure 0.5" inwards from both the horizontal lines at the top and bottom, draw lines.

Cut out the rectangle. Tips: once you cut through the top and bottom lines, you may go ahead to cut the center part of of the rectangle, make sure you cut lines at the sides as well, but with the broken center part you could fold back and forth repeatedly until the sides break itself.

Repeat the same for another side of rectangle.

Measure the height of the rectangle, it should be almost 2". With this measurement you could go and hunt for a Black Satin Ribbon that suits your project, I find 1.5" ribbons are too thin so I opted for 2" Black Satin Ribbons.

 Now it's time to add some "blings" to the belt "buckle". You will need E6000 glue, 75mm white ribbons and rhinestones sticker sheet.

Apply glue directly on to the magnetic stripe card, then stick on the white ribbons.
Tips: Follow the inner edge of the magnetic stripe card when you stick on the ribbons, that way you could trim away the excess ribbons easily later.

Trim away the excess ribbons, and since ribbons often fray when cut, use lighter to reseal all the ribbon's sides.

Choose the surface without protruding characters, then apply E6000 glue onto the white ribbons, finally cut and stick the rhinestones sheet onto all beams.

Slid in the 2" black satin ribbons, it is a little too big for the buckle but I personally find it better off this way so that the buckle doesn't move around too much when worn.

Gorgeous, ain't it? I hope you find this tutorial useful!

Watch the slides show / video version of How To Make a DIY Santa Belt Buckle Ornament too if you are keen, enjoy!

Corra @ de Cor's

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