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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Handmade Self Locking Silver Hoops Earrings

Handmade Self Locking Silver Hoops Earrings

So I finally tried out Mary Anne Karen's Self-locking Hoops Earrings tutorial. Well I don't have most of the tools she was using, and I made do with whatever I have got.

I didn't have a drill press, I took an jewelry artist's advise that instead of getting a drill press (and other power tools), I've gotten myself an Eurotool EuroPunch 1.25mm Round Hole Punch Pliers for Sheet Metal, which, well, did not work for this project. Hole punch pliers JUST won't work for 20ga flatten wires, 18ga may be, provided you manage to flatten the wires VERY nicely.

To flatten the 20ga wires, I've tried using just one steel block and hammer it directly with chasing hammer - it didn't work out; I then tried using riveting hammer, kneading on the wires to spread out the silver - it became too thin for a pierce and when I use the hole puncher, it broke; so I end up using a square steel block on my Bench Block With 4" Rubber Base 3" Steel Block And Nylon Block Metal Working Anvil, by taping both blocks together to prevent the square steel block from sliding... argh it's too much work when you don't have the right tools! And the hole - it's not done by drill press, nor it was done by the hole puncher, I actually use an ordinary awl to pierce through the flatten part of the wires, and then file it to establish a bigger and wider hole to allow the other end of wires to go through.

The result is pretty close to Mary's hoops earrings, though I could have made these in much shorter time if I've got the right tools.. :P

Handmade Self Locking Silver Hoops Earrings
Close up shot of these cute hoops earrings:
Handmade Self Locking Silver Hoops Earrings

Now your turn to try it out and show off! :)


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Perri said...

Sweetie - flatten, then make a small indent with your awl as a starter, followed by a thin drill bit in a pin vise to make the hole itself.
Support the work while you drill with a piece of wood or your bench pin if you have one. It works quite well and keeps the thin metal from deforming. :-)