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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Goodies from Australia

I am totally smitten away! I ordered this to reward myself right after the Valentine's Day, there's a funky story behind the purchase but only those who had been told about the story will know about it. ;) In short, although I am not a religious person I do believe in signs and karma. So does other Etsians that I've (virtually) met recently.

This pair of earrings have finally arrived safely to my hand today, all the way from Australia, I've been patiently waited for it, and it's all worth it! I can't ask for more - Erin from EarringsbyErin is just so amazing, I like how she present her stuff, and I like this pair of earrings, and I AM LOVIN' IT! Heheheehehe :)

Visit her store at EarringsByErin, you will be surprised what can she offer you. ;)


Carl said...

is natural amethyst or human made ?

Corra said...

should be natural amethyst.

Raka said...

Beautiful earrings by Erin, I agree :)

Corra said...

Yeah, and she is a very nice person too!! Btw, thanks for dropping by, Marika! :D