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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wired Chinese Knot - Grass Flower Bracelet

:) Hope you having a good weekend.

I made a bracelet this time. It's my first attempt making bracelet and I am very excited about it!

Attached herewith few pictures of my new bracelet - the photos were fresh from oven! I took it a few minutes ago. Though It's already very late in night over here.. so I will try to take more photos when there's sunlight/natural light tomorrow.

Other than the Wired Grass flower Knot, please also observe the clasps. As I was wandering around at bookstore as usual a few days ago I picked up a book that shows the making of this clasps( I couldn't recall the books' name, will go back and check and hopefully it's still around) - then it kept appearing in my mind so I decided to give it a try, I think I got right, though. :D

Back to the bracelet's core. Grass Flower Knot is another Chinese Knot that I've managed to turn into wire-jewelry form, well, not exactly, but the concept is there. It wasn't a success in the first few attempts, I am just very grateful that things worked out pretty well in the end. I also made two simplified wired-PIPAs to join this bracelet, since I thought they'd compliment the new pattern fairly well. :)

I hope you all like it. Please comment it away, your opinions will be very much appreciated! :)

Thanks very much in advance, dearies! :)


mohdariqsalem said...

wah!!cantik nye..i luv to create something like this ..but dont know laa macam mana nak buat ,,,huhu

Corra said...

Yati! Thanks for liking it. :D

it's challenging but it's achievable, give it a try okay? :D

Mei Tan said...

Very lovely Corra. The Grass Flower Knot is unique and would like to try that out one day. Just wondering if it sits flat on your wrist all the time?
Not sure what they call the clasp but wigjig u has an instruction for a similar clasp and several others. If your are interested,

Corra said...

Yes Mei, it does sits up right on my wrist - the tricky part is at how you twist at the top of each parts - if your loop was facing side-way then it will flip, so remember to make your loop facing to the back of your piece, then you should be fine. :D

Corra said...

Mei, its by Mark Lareau's All Wired Up. :) I went back to the bookstore and checked.