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Monday, March 3, 2008

Being featured... by Bobbi

Yay me!

Being featured by Bobbi. I mentioned about her before, she been in wire jewelry for over 20 years now!! Man you HAVE to look at what she can offer you, her work is fantastic and she has finally started to BLOG! Everyone should pay a visit to her blog and her Etsy store to see her work, I am not exaggerating but hey, take a look at her pieces you'll know I wasn't lying. :)

I am always grateful that I've met so many nice people around, compensated me for bumping into bad apples sometimes! :)

Oh hey hey, take a look at her most recent beautiful piece:I don't think i will be able to create such solid, neat work, at least not at the moment. It's definitely an perfect outcome from a pair of very experienced and dedicated hands! You go Bobbi! *hugs and kisses*


BobbiWired said...

Thank youi so much for showin' off my best photo to date :), and am blushing again... Making such sweet friends as you, makes up for the occaisional mean person you run into now and then....

Corra said...

Bobbi! Thanks for dropping by!! You are improving alot on your photography and I am very proud of you!