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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Love Knot - Wired Chinese Knot , Skylark on Coins (SOLD)

This item is now available at my Etsy store. You don't have to be a PayPal user, you may use Credit Card for payment.

New techniques, everyone. :)

This piece of art was created using 2 Chinese Knots that I have recently turned into wired forms.

It is created with two colors and gauges of copper wires, attaching 2mm Swarovski Crystal. Focal featuring 6mm Cubic Zirconia ball that has 6 Cubic Zirconias attached on it.

Extremely unique piece of pendant, and lots of patient and passion have been invested.

This pendant is 3.5cm tall and 3cm at its widest measure, and it comes together with a 18 inch white-gold plated chain, everything (including the white-gold plated chain) weigh 5.8gram, extremely light weight piece of art.

The last picture is for you to get some idea of its actual size.

Hope you like it!


BobbiWired said...

This is great!!!!! as always :) Wonderful piece of wearable art, and your grass flower knot bracelet too. Keep up the great work!!!!

Shuku said...

Corra, your pieces are so beautiful, and this one is no exception. I feel like hiding my work now whenever I visit and see what gorgeous things you've come up with! This is so dressy, it'd be perfect for a formal dinner with a plain black dress that needs just a little sparkle.


Corra said...

Bobbi, thanks!! Will try harder in the future! :D

Shuku, please don't say so.. I am still learning everyday and I am sure we can always pick up some new stuff together! I love your drawings too, and you recent bracelet, so complicated!! :D