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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hone your craft by SassyDLite

I received a very good feedback at my Etsy store, SassyDLite told me that she loved the PIPA Earrings she made out from DCH002, so I convo-ed her, asking her humbly if I could take a look at her PIPA Earrings... just a peek, I promised.

Then just now, I received a very, very nice reply from her. She attached this image in the convo and told me to go ahead posting it up! And not just that! She even gave me a link to her blog (check out her Hone Your Craft article), and her new listing of these earrings.

In her blog she said..
"Although I used to be a self help junky, I'm not much of a fan of jewelry tutorials. Most of them seem to be a cash grab with very little fresh and new information to put forth. But the other day I purchased my second jewelry tutorial. My first one was authored by the intrepid Eni Oken whose intricate wrapping techniques caught my eye a few years ago."

OMG, I can tell you I am totally blown away with what had said. I am so honored and feeling proud of myself at this very moment! Too bad I can't pen them down how exactly it taste like but I do wish I could remember the moment like this forever. :)


Mei Tan said...

Oh Wow! Very nicely done. Congratulations! Sassy.

BobbiWired said...

You REALLY have created a wonderful design, that people can easily add their own flair to - don't ever underestimate yourself :)

Corra said...

Mei, Sassy is loving this piece lol.
Bobbi, thanks for assuring me that!