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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The lucky Bride, and the rest of us...

[N], the lucky bride, with her custom made earrings:
[N], the lucky bride, with her custom made pendant, and her cleavage(冏rz):The pendant:
[N], the lucky bride, with all her custom made pieces by Erin:
P.C.Y, with her little red earrings:P.C.Y, with her little blue earrings:

Last but not least, myself with my beloved gift from my dearest friend, Carl:

We bought few items from Erin's store the other day, we received all our pretties yesterday. Did I tell you I got [N] to engage Erin to design her wedding pieces? Well she has two outfits for her big day and I made one for her, the rest are covered by Erin. Look at her earrings and pendant... I am so jealous! REALLY! I find it disturbing after seeing all Erin's pieces in real, they are too pretty to be real, really! And I just couldn't concentrate after that - I even spilled the water on myself just now during lunch (all these pictures were taken just a while ago, I visited them at clients and to pass PC.Y her beauties... imagines all us screamed infront of clients (so unprofessional, I know. I am so upset!)

Thanks very much Erin, [N] loves what you made for her, and the rest of us too, it made our days, and we should always remember a moment like this.

P/S More pictures later when P.W take pictures of her 2 bracelets, so please check back! :)

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