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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

PIPA Pendant by Erin

SO PRETTY! RIGHT?????!!!!!
Please admire this piece for a few minutes first before you read on!

Yes, this PIPA Pendant is created by Erin (again I don't know how long she took to make this, but she got the tutorial yesterday). I told her I really wish to see what she can come up with the PIPA tutorial - so she decided to get the tutorial (just to please me! AWWWWW.....)

Personally, I really, really like this piece - Erin made this with her well-known finest workmanship, and made a PIPA piece in her own way. Though I already know PIPA technique itself have unlimited potential, I still can't help being amazed how it has been interpreted!

Thanks Erin, you are such great, great Angel!

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BobbiWired said...

This is sooooo kewl - You've introduced the 'wire world' to a wonderful new technique, and it's so great to see everyone's unique version of it -