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Friday, July 1, 2016

Wire Crochet Conceptual Jewelry by Sowon Joo

It's been awhile since anything caught my eyes at all, so when I saw these, I can't wait to have it mentioned on my blog, people, meet Sowon Joo from Sowon Joo Studio!

In her artist statement 2016, excerpt:
"In particular, a lot of my work, especially after I became a mother, came from reflections on motherhood and contemplation on birth and growth. Such thoughts manifested themselves in the form of plants and their different stages, such as seeds, buds and fruits. They each reveal the miraculousness and wonder I experience when I observe their transformation and development. Such motives expressed through the shapes of various life symbols are woven with silver wire."

Her "Leaves" choker necklace:

Hop over to her website for her other masterpieces, and be sure to her bio, and find out how many awards she has won. :)

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