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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wedding Gift for [N]

She bought her pearl necklace *rollingeyes* off Isetan, then found that it's too "empty" *rollingeyes for the second time*...

So my mission is to create a pendant for her. I am glad that it turned out well! Congratulations to you, [N], hope you like this! :D


Annekaz said...

Hello, your working I like very much, i_think a lot of private only one all artwork all page visit,pleasure add from you everytime praise mentione

I'm from Türkiye is love..

for bad english sorry :))

Corra said...

Dear Anne, welcome! I thank you very much for mentioning my tutorial in your blog, really appreciates that. I am glad that you like all my works, I am looking forward to offer you more and better in the future!


noreese said...

itssss the most beautiful and elegant jewellery I have! thank you miss! :D not enough words to express how thankful I am :D

Yeo Pei Chen said...

ya, the necklace becomes very attractive, nice and unique after match with your pendant. Noreese sure looks great in her wedding day. :)