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Friday, May 9, 2008

2nd Ed: When the East meets the West

Cross designe courtesy by Iza. Check out Iza's Cross tutorial.

I went ahead using silver wires without completing the second prototype piece, guts feeling told me all measurements would work, it really did turned out right in the end.

:) I had fun for this piece, though it's good 8 hours of hard work, blame my slow hands. I think this pendant is now ready to be sent out to my MIL this Sunday.

Thanks Iza. ^^

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Raka said...

Corra I really like your new version in silver, it's just great! Now I'll have to try the tutorial as well, I like the outcome :)
I'm sure part of your frustration was the type of wire you were using. Usually for wire wrapping even half hard wire is frown upon, they really like dead soft wire. And you were using stainless steel! Talk about hard! I bet now it's a piece of take this one for you in silver!