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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

China Earthquake

My deepest condolences to China.

A friend from China told me yesterday about an incident happened in the disaster. When a house collapsed on a mother and her 3 to 4 month old infant, the mother protected the baby’s body with hers by kneeling prostrate over the baby. When rescuers arrived 5 days later, on May 17, they found the mother is dead, but that the baby was alive. Shortly thereafter they found the mother’s cellphone, where she had written the text message to her baby that read “My dear baby, if you live, you must remember that I love you.”

Another one I read from newspaper, a woman said she saw her very own mom was buried, and dying, she knew her mom is not going to make it, so she decided to move on and safe others that have higher chance of survival instead of spending time trying to safe her mother.

I have absolutely no idea where you can donate in your country, perhaps you can try UNICEF. Please do whatever you can - they need help, they even fighting for clean water now.

For Chinese reader:
住北京的B 告訴我,廢墟下找到的媽媽與小孩,媽媽的身體是弓著的,孩子在懷中安然無恙。屍體挖出來以後,手機上寫著:“孩子,如果你還活著,請記著,媽媽愛你。”


Candice said...

These pictures are so gut wrenching. So many lives lost. My eyes tear up every time the news shows another person being pulled from the debris.

Corra said...

candice, no one knew it was this bad. news said it will take at least 6-7 years to rebuild everything, and it will take a life time to heal their soul though.