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Thursday, May 22, 2008


All Wired Chinese Knot Tutorials [DCHALL18WCN]

This package consist of:
1. DCH001 - LayerCoiled Earrings Tutorial
2. DCH002 - PIPA Earrings Tutorial
3. DCH003 - Skylark Bracelet Tutorial
4. DCH004 - ZHU.Ring Tutorial
5. DCH005 - Flora Studs Tutorial
6. DCH006 - Passiflora Studs Tutorial
7. DCH007 - CUBIC Earrings Tutorial
8. DCH008 - FriendshipBand Bracelet Tutorial
9. DCH009 - FISH Tutorial
10. DCH010 - Braided Cross Tutorial
11. DCH011 - Secret Treasury Knot Pendant Tutorial
12. DCH012 - JiaSha Pendant Tutorial
13. DCH013 - Knot-The-Net Earrings Tutorial
14. DCH014 - Zhu.Hoops Earrings Tutorial
15. DCH015 - Snowflakes Earrings Tutorial
16. DCH016 - Rosabella Pendant Tutorial
17. DCH017 - ROSE Pendant Tutorial

18. DCH018 - Xie-Brios Earrings Tutorial
UPDATED @ 20090713

I went on a soulful vacation. My soul had been rejuvenated, my faith had been restored. Etsy and my jewelry business came across my mind once in a while, I do miss them, but I know I had to slow down to go further.

I have many inquiries mail that asked me if there is any discount if they buy more tutorials. I told them no then - simply because I did not have enough tutorials to have such offer that time.

Looking at my store now, I have 9 tutorials available for purchase, and I know I will be writing more. So I would like to make this possible to you. I am offering more than 25 percent off the original total price.

For regular customers, I thank you very much for your support and your kind words, without you I will not be able to do what I am doing now. I will continue to maintain the quality of the upcoming tutorials, and I look forward to serve you best and offer you better. At any one time if you see my work and would like to know how I made them, please feel free to contact me, I will be more than happy to share with you of what I know.

Hope you like the idea.

PDF format document will be sent to the E-mail address set in your PayPal account within 24 hours or lesser upon payment received.

Special Thanks to:
Photo courtesy by kensim.

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You can also pay for the tutorial via PayPal by sending $68.00USD to by specifying "ALL 9 TUTORIALS" in the title of the transaction, or click on the below Add to Cart button to purchase. The PDF format file will be sent to your E-mail address specified in your Paypal account.

PLEASE DO NOT LEND TO OTHERS, SHARE AMONG FORUM, SHARE AMONG FRIENDS, COPY AND MASS PRODUCE. And if you would be so kind, please give a credit to me if my tutorial inspired you or helped you in your jewelry making, it would be greatly appreciated!


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