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Saturday, June 7, 2008


DH's foot & Chewie and Snow.

That's Tommy (I can't tell how frustrated Tommy is, I bet he hadn't slept well since Chewie came into his life!), myself and Chewie...
Hmmmm!!!! Chewie behave!!!
He sorta quiet down when i "breast" him! BAD Chewie!
So the dog's name is Chewie. :)

He chews everything, everything he could reach including Tommy and Snow (the other two dogs) ears and body... poor Tommy and Snow!

Here some photos I've promised, sorry for the not so great photos - these photos taken with iPhone and it didn't have auto focus!


Lcie said...

New dawg!!!! I want!!!!!!!! when can i come to your house?!

Corra said...

He is really cute! Come over anytime after work, not next weekend though - going to be away!