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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our fingers


I feel a little sorry for myself whilst editing pictures for my new tutorial. My poor fingers!!! Life should have been easier, isn't it? I hope no ones complain! :P

Dear reader, if you make jewelry too, I'd bet you have fingers like mine too - no matter how you'd butter your hand with creams every 30 minutes. People get to see the end result too easily, but seldom would they get to see what's behind the scene and what they are really paying for.

I pray for wisdom and intelligence to not to miss and appreciate every single artist out there, for your hard work and passion, and most importantly, your creativeness.


Mei Tan said...

Hey! Pity you girl but those fingers really look a lot like mine now :)

Anonymous said...

Jewelry atrists said goodbye to soft hands and perfect nails the first time we picked up a piece of wire... But it has to be worth it when you see you final piece, corra your work is stunning

Corra said...

Mei: *SIGH*
HY Inspiration: exactly what I think, no more pretty fingers! :( Thanks so much for visiting and your kind words! ^^

Janine said...

Corra, You are beautiful everywhere else, so I think the rough fingers are worth it. Especially when you make such lovely jewelry. Thanks for sharing with us all.

PeppyPilotGirl said...

Oh, don't I know it! One can always tell when I've been on a jewelry making binge from my gouged fingers and broken nails!

Love the new piece!


Corra said...

Dear Janine, thanks so much for dropping a line, oh wow I just went over your blog, stunning jewelry for your mother!!!! I am in awe!!!!!

Dear Kelley, thanks for loving the new piece, I do have something more to share about the new tutorial, please check back!! ^^

Jonara Blu Maui said...

awww..but it's worth make such beautiful things! And you are constantly keeping up with your craft..always having something new to show us!

Anibas said...

about the hands and fingers:i have made to my selfe a littel finger tips from thin leather and i use them a lot.You need some time to get used to them but it is working.And Calendula oil ( every night) works miracles for me , it is the moust healing product from nature that i know,it works fast so you have to have clean hands i know it sounds silly but 100% Calendula oil is for burns and all skin problems so it works on skin regeneration.

Wendy Sue said...

LOL....don't we all can relate to that pair of hands. All done in the name of passion..... :)

Anonymous said...

When I look at that picture I see my own fingers LOL
Your fingers are beautiful though: they are an artist's fingers and every single scratch and blister results in more beauty in this world :)
Sending you warm thoughts and supportive spirits xxx