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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sonja's PIPA Pendant

I made a terrible mistake few nights ago and have been feeling terribly guilty for it. I don't blame people being mad at me, I hope you are able to forgive me.

So, Sonja replied my mail telling me that I am forgiven, on top of that, she sent me her first attempt of her PIPA creation:

Sonja said the attempt wasn't a great one, I told her I see the total otherwise. The photo doesn't do it's justice, because I am the one who'd came up with this design, I knew exactly where to observe to tell if it is carefully made. The details are very well taken care of, only the frame have room for improvement. You done well Sonja, and I am proud of you!

Thanks so much for your warm E-mail, it made my day. :)

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