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Monday, September 8, 2008

Framed Cabochon Pendant Tutorial

Erin's second tutorial!!!!

Alright, she doesn't have a blog (yet) so I am offering her this help! :P You could either visit her Etsy store to get it, or, send $9.95USD to, and enter "Framed Cabochon Pendant Tutorial" as subject, a PDF file will be sent to you in within 24 hours!

You may, too, click on the Buy Now button below, the fund will go directly to Erin (not me!) and she should attend to your request shortly!


Janine said...

Oooo! I'm so excited. I went to Erin's Etsy and ordered it. I can't wait.

Gaby said...

I dear Corra!
I bought Erin's tut some days ago when I visited your blog and found out that Erin released her 2nd tut! The tut is so easy to follow (I hate readig instructions but these ones were actualy easy to follow!)
I finished my pendant, a beautiful rose quartz of almost 3 cms! I don't know how to post it here but you can follow my link (blogger) and see it there.

take care Corra and thanks for being a very helpful person, always wanting to share things and promote other jewelry makers. You are so generous!

Corra said...

Janine, i am sure you should have received your tutorial by now! It's lovely isn't it???

Gaby, thanks so much for dropping me a line, I am always so happy to see you writing to me. Hmm I've tried reading your blogger profile but i can't see your blog link... could you please let me know the url??? God bless!!!

Gaby said...

Hmm, I think that you just click on my name (gaby santiago) and it should take you to my blog.

take care dear Corra!