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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shu-Array Breathable | Ring

Design Background:
My very dear have very sensitive skins and the wedding ring caused rashes around his finger everytime he wears it, so he gave up wearing it after 1 month after our wedding ceremony. I am always curious if there will be some sort of "breathable" and extremely lightweight rings out there so people that have sensitive skins could at least wear their wedding ring.

Then I figured I may as well design one and create it. :)

So here it is, and this is my first attempt composing a ring using this knotting design, please be gentle.

It can be considered as a variation from Passiflora Studs Earrings, in case you are interested, do check out the PASSIFLORA Studs/ Post Earrings Tutorial.

P/S: I didn't know it's a trend now to create knotted jewelry, but I was notified of this page this morning: "Jewelry Trend: Knotted Wire in Jewelry Design (Jewelry PR Division)" by Willis Chan, featuring PIPA Pendant with Purple Cat-Eyes. :)

Check it out if you are keen. (Thanks Willis!)

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