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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some old pieces

Just a little catch up of my wire jewelry creation journey...

Did this ring a bell to you? This pendant was created for a dear friend's special's one. And I wrote a tutorial for this technique, I called it Skylark knotting. If you have sharp eyes, you should knew it by now that Perri had a tutorial that uses the same knotting, she called it Mobius Strip, just hers was in heavier gauge of wires.

Don't get me wrong - we didn't know each other then, I made the pendant, wrote Skylark Bracelet tutorial, and until after she had her tutorial released, I got excited and then we chatted, found out that we both knew this knotting since we were kid! I then realized that she had been playing around with this knotting in wires way before I started my Wire Jewelry creation journey! Ahh.....

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