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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

When Snowflakes Melt, You Find Butterflies by Bobbi Maw

My very dear Bobbi made all these!!!!!

Actually, Snowflakes’ Earrings were supposed to be a variation from CUBIC Earrings, I didn’t know it will be a Snowflakes’ earrings in the end, all I did was let the wires take the lead. I think this is how all these butterflies were born too, yes Bobbi? :)butterflies 003 butterflies 006 butterflies 007 butterflies 012 butterflies 016

So the SNOWFLAKES’ Earrings turned out very lovable and I started having request of it’s tutorial – I thought I’d put it on hold til early next year, but now I am glad I wrote the tutorial just in time for the Christmas.

Hugs to you all, and thank you all for being supportive.



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BobbiWired said...

Yes - They were a very happy accident - when I noticed the first one came out looking more like a butterfly than a snow flake, I ran with it. I keep adding to them to accentuate it even more. On my day off, I'm planning on trying one with twice the wires to see if I can create some really elaborate 'wings'. Thank you for staying up all night to do this now, instead of delaying it 'til next year!!!!!
big hugs